Small Business Owners Should Get Help From a Pro Accountant for Various Growth Stages


There are many great reasons for a business to hire a tax accountant for help during the many stages of growth. Things like tax audits, loan applications and business plans can be overwhelming but with professional help are a breeze.

Upon examination, many find that the expenses are minimal in comparison to what they save, and the peace of mind that comes along with knowing they are in control.

Is it Affordable?

Many shy away from hiring a tax accountant because they feel it will be an added expense and unaffordable. However, what they don’t know is that they can hire them for a specific job or bring them on full-time. Many will work around a set budget, only offering needed services.

Here are some things to consider before deciding this valuable service is out of range:

• Time saved
• Amount paid for that time (hypothetically)
• Error-free work
• Peace of mind

Use of accounting software

A pro tax accountant does more than file taxes. They can be a part of writing up a business plan and teach the business professional how to use valuable software for various practices, such as bookkeeping. Imagine accessing financial projections and other from any smart device, at any time.

Creating a professional plan at any stage, whether just starting up a business or already in deep is a great tool for success. Many save both time and money even in the short term.

Choosing a Structure

Another job of a tax accountant is to help a business define its structure. The various types include:

• Limited liability
• Sole Proprietor
• Partnership
• Corporation

A number of factors play into which choice is best for the business in question, and they vary depending on the country they are in. A personal accountant can guide owners to which would benefit them more, as some will permit offsetting of living expenses while others will involve less liability.

An accountant can explain the legalities of each business structure and give peace of mind to an individual knowing that all bases are covered in being held liable.

Financial Guidance

It doesn’t take long for even a small business’ accounting to get out of hand. Doing it on one’s own can let them feel panicked and out of control. A tax accountant can get spending and such back on track so that an owner is confident in their bookkeeping skills.

Salaries, revenue, payroll management via graphs are all tools that can be at the fingertips. Owners can choose to learn it themselves, making the need for the tax accountant temporary or hand over the responsibility completely. If there’s a need for software, the professional usually knows which will flow best with the business in question.

Using cloud-based accounting software, one can access business accounts with ease, and from wherever they please. Software like Xero for example produces charts and tables that help anyone get a clearer picture of the company’s financial standing in real time. This makes monitoring much easier in regards to cash flow and more.

So, as anyone can see, the services of a tax accountant are invaluable and able to be built around specific needs based on the individual or the company. No matter the size from small to large, there are a great deal of benefits associated with their services. It’s important that the business owner check credentials and interview accountants to see if their experience and knowledge align with what they’re looking for.

Chances are that with specific knowledge of the particular industry and the availability needed they can form a long and fruitful relationship that will allow the owner to free up time for focus on more important tasks, and allow the company to grow.

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